CABTE Bylaws

Article I:  The name of the organization is California Association for Bilingual Teacher Education (CABTE)

Article II:  Affiliation

The organization, California Association for Bilingual Teacher Education (CABTE) affiliate of the California Association for Bilingual Education (CABE) and the California Council on Teacher Education (CCTE), pays appropriate dues, and participates in the meetings and conferences of CABE and CCTE.

Article III:  Representative Authority

This Affiliate abides by the bylaws and articles of incorporation of the CABE and CCTE.  The Affiliate bylaws do not conflict with the bylaws and articles of incorporation of CABE and CCTE.

Article IV:  Purpose

Research has consistently supported the long-term benefits of bilingual education for English learners.  At the same time, we face grave challenges (Unz Initiative, NCLB) that have made it more difficult to provide primary language instruction.  Despite these challenges, Dual Language Immersion programs are flourishing and increasing all over California in response to the needs of our communities.

Our commitment to bilingual teacher preparation must be renewed in order to counter the devastating effects of these policies.  In order to unite our efforts across the state, bilingual teacher preparation faculty must band together to speak as one voice, to share our expertise, and to support each other in these challenging times. We are further committed to promoting communication and collaboration among bilingual teacher educators and researchers working in public schools, universities and community education programs through networking and the creation of multiple avenues for consistent communication and the establishment of alliances and goals between and among membership.

The goals of the California Association for Bilingual Teacher Education shall be as follows:

  • To unify the voice of higher education faculty in Bilingual Education and Dual Language Instruction in matters related to the education of minority and language minority children;
  • To represent the voice of Bilingual Education and Dual Language Instruction faculty in higher education in the area of minority and language minority education;
  • To advocate on behalf of the education of minority and language minority children;
  • To work for the improvement of Bilingual Education and Dual Language teacher preparation.
  • To generate and apply research in bilingual education and multilingual education
  • To generate and apply research in the preparation of bilingual and multilingual education teachers

Article V:  Membership

Section 1 – Eligibility.  Membership in CABTE is open to dues-paid CABE and CCTE members.

Section 2 – Duration.  CABE and CCTE members join Affiliate/CABTE by paying dues through CABE and CCTE.  CABE and CCTE members may join Affiliate/CABTE at any time, but membership expires along with a given CABE or CCTE membership.  Affiliate/CABTE membership may be for either 1 or 2 years, but members joining the Affiliate for 2 years must continuously be members of CABE or CCTE for 2 years.

Section 3 – Voting Rights.  All Affiliate/CABTE members in good standing, fully paid in Affiliate dues, may vote for Affiliate representatives.

Section 4 – Dues.  Dues will be according to CCTE and/or CABE dues.  The amount of Affiliate/CABTE and/or CCTE dues may be modified by a majority of the Affiliate members voting by e-mail or at the annual Affiliate business meeting.

Article VI:  Officers

Section 1 – General.  Officers for CABTE are elected by a majority of Affiliate members and serve a two-year term. President and Treasurer on even years and Vice President and Secretary on odd years.Elections take place every year electronically  . The elected officers include:

  • President
  • President-Elect
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary

CABTE officers conduct the business of the Affiliate in the interim between scheduled business meetings.  This committee will convene periodically during the year (with at least one physical meeting and other distance meetings as needed) to coordinate and support the work of the Affiliate.  This work may include the following:  membership, newsletters, program planning, supporting focus groups and/or other projects.  It is also a responsibility of the Officers to connect and network with other Affiliate members, and the general membership of CABE and/or CCTE to promote efforts within the mission of this Affiliate. The President of CABTE will attend and represent Affiliate interests at CABE and/or CCTE Board meetings

Section 2 – Eligibility.  All members in good standing of both CABE and/or CCTE and Affiliate/CABTE are eligible for election as officers and to vote.

Section 3 – Terms.  The terms of each representative shall be for 2 years, expiring in alternate years.  In the second year, each elected position shall serve as “past representative” to mentor and coordinate work with newly elected representatives. President-Elect serves two years and then transitions to President for an addition two years.

Section 4 – Elected Roles.  The following roles shall compose the Representative Committee for Affiliate/CABTE.

(1)  President


(2) President-Elect

(3) Treasurer

(4). Secretary

Section 6 – Election Procedures.  Each year, the Nominating Committee will appoint two Nominating Representatives, one of whom is the Past President. Members of the Affiliate are encouraged to nominate candidates and/or self nominate.  We encourage active participation of the widest number of people possible. These representatives will present a list of candidates to the Affiliate/CABTE members 60 days prior to the fall conference of CCTE. The Nominating Committee will tabulate the votes and communicate results to the CABTE membership no later than September 1st.  Election will require a majority of the votes cast.

Section 5 – Other Roles.  Persons to assist these representatives or to carry out the work of the Affiliate may be appointed by the Board.  Such positions include any that will best embody the spirit and work that is part of the work of this Affiliate.  Currently these roles include:

(1) an ongoing Program Co-Representative to provide continuity in terms of program technical processes.

(2) A webmaster to support a permanent website and assist the Secretary with posting the newsletter and other communications

Article VII:  Representative Responsibilities

Section 1 – CABTE Affiliate President.

The Affiliate CABTE President coordinates and works with the Representative Committee to carry out the work of the Affiliate.

•  Maintains official contacts with CABE/CCTE

•  Works with other CABE/CCTE Affiliates on issues and projects related to the mission of the Affiliate

•  Co-facilitates meetings with past Affiliate President and other representatives.

•  Provides agenda for annual business meeting in collaboration with other representatives.

•  Coordinates at least two meetings a year for Board in collaboration with CCTE and/or CABE.

Section 2 – Treasurer.  The Treasurer has the following responsibilities:

•  Handles all fiscal matters for the Affiliate and prepares an annual fiscal report.

•  Receives and maintains membership list from CABE and/or CCTE

•  Helps recruit new members by providing information on website and in Affiliate newsletter on processes for joining Affiliate, paying dues, and so on.

Section 2b – Past President. Past Affiliate Presidents support newly elected Affiliate Presidents in order to provide continuity and serves as one of the Nomination Representatives.

Section 3 – Secretary.  The Secretary has the following responsibilities:

•  Keeps minutes of official meetings

•  Oversees the webmaster/website

•  Organizes the newsletter and other communications in collaboration

with other representatives and the membership at large.

•  Sends newsletter and other information to the list serve.

•  Mails newsletter and information to the membership

Section 4 –President-Elect.  Serves with the  President to:

•  Solicit proposals for inclusion in the CABE and CCTE  conferences

•  Seek advice of current representatives and/or the membership when issues arise

• Serve as liaison to other organizations such as CTC, CDE, BCN and help members connect and stay abreast ofcurrent policies. Will serve as president in absence of

Section 5 – Appointed Roles.

•  Program Representative.  A Program Representative may be appointed to support continuity of the proposal process and technical assistance with regard to CABE and/or CCTE program procedures.  May be appointed for more than 2 years.

•  Webmaster.  A webmaster may be appointed to develop and maintain the Affiliate website and the Affiliate Listerv.

Section 6 – Criteria for serving in any formal capacity.

•  Commitment to the Affiliate and its mission

•  Have a realistic vision about the time necessary to participating in the Affiliate and its related activities

•  Meet at least twice a year.

Participate in scheduled conference calls

•  Work collaboratively with others in Affiliate leadership roles.

Article VIII:  Meetings

Section 1 – Meetings.  There shall be a CABTE business meeting held twice a year in conjunction with the CABE/CCTE annual meetings.  Arrangements for the time and place of this meeting are the responsibility of the President in consultation with the board.

Section 2 – Additional meetings.  There may be additional face to face and online meetings of the Board  to carry out the work of the Affiliate.

Section 3  – Quorum of Board is necessary to vote on any item.  Quorum is defined as the majority of board members

Article IX:  Ratification and Amendments

Section 1 – Ratification.  These bylaws will take effect upon a majority vote of those members voting.

Section 2 – Amendments.  These bylaws may be amended by a majority of members voting..

Article X:  Discontinuation

In the event that the purpose of Affiliate/CABTE is fulfilled by another organization or it is unable to maintain membership in CABE and/or CCTE, the organization may be discontinued by a majority vote of the Affiliate members.  Should the Affiliate discontinue, its assets will be used to pay all outstanding debts and obligations.  Any remaining funds will be donated to CABE and/or CCTE.