The CSU, Chico Center for Bilingual/Multicultural Studies five-year $1,948,513 grant

The grant, Collaborative Professional Development Project in Rural Northern California Schools (CPD), will forge a partnership between CSU, Chico and Butte County Office of Education to respond to the dramatic need to improve learning opportunities and educational outcomes for English Learners (ELs) within the Butte County rural educational region of northeastern California.   CPD will provide professional development for 140 CSU, Chico elementary and secondary pre-service teachers who are part of the bilingual professional preparation program or, if space allows beyond the bilingual student teachers, are from underserved groups, eight (8) paraprofessionals and 112 in-service teachers from the service area (grades 4th-9th).  The professional development is designed for the participants to: (a) better serve English Learners (ELs); (b) implement inquiry-based instruction in the STEM discipline of Science, integrating ELA Common Core and ELD Standards; (c) use Lesson Study to develop academic language through well-scaffolded instruction and use the Observation Protocol for Academic Literacies (OPAL) to measure classroom practices and interactions; and (d) make data-based instructional decisions resulting in improved student learning outcomes.  For additional information about the CPD project, please contact either Dr. Esther Larocco or Dr. Charles G. Zartman, Jr. at or 530-898-4069 or 4026.


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