CSU East Bay and Fremont Unified Awarded STEM Grant

Project STEM is a 5-year project, funded for $1,927,819, involving California State University, East Bay and Fremont Unified School District, an urban school districts with 42 schools and 32,000 students.  This grant main goal is to develop a secondary model that meets ELL needs and STEM high school standards.  This grant will follow award winning GLAD: Guided Language Acquisition Design research based strategies.  GLAD was developed to meet the needs of elementary school ELL.  This grant will identify GLAD strategies that will meet high school students STEM standards.


(1)  Recruit, select and mentor/advice a new high school cadre of student teachers that will be highly qualified teachers to teach STEM classes through new ELL strategies implementing project learning and differentiating instruction as they assess each student;

(2)  Financially support one hundred-fifty (150) CSUEB STEM student teachers ;

(3)  Recruit, select and support 10 high school teachers who will receive GLAD Trainer of Trainers Certificate;

(4)  Recruit, select (150) teachers to serve as mentor teachers to CSUEB student teachers;

(5)  Invite mentor teachers and student teachers to a STEM Summer Institute held each year at CSUEB

Competitive Preference Priority 2: Enabling More Data-Based Decision-Making will be the guiding force behind this project.  Data collected from a needs assessment will guide the priority and implementation of the workshops of this grant.

Competitive Preference Priority 3: Promoting Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Education; This priority will be integrated in all the objectives of the project.

Invitational Priority 2: Improving Preparation of All Teachers to Better Serve English Learners.  This proposed comprehensive system will provide a model that will build consensus for a sustainable system of supports for high school teachers, students and educators throughout California State University, East Bay Teacher Education Department.


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