Subscribing to the CABTE Weblog

Dear California Association of Bilingual Teacher Education (CABTE) members,

As a response to your feedback relative to the survey conducted by CABTE, you identified three important challenges facing bilingual education:

Advocating and engaging in policy development for bilingual education

Communicating across membership and promoting bilingual programs

Creating and supporting effective programs

The CABTE board decided to initiate an online newsletter via our CABTE webpage to communicate with you regarding the creation, support and promotion of bilingual preparation programs, and the current advocacy and policy development issues in bilingual education.

The following are the instructions for subscribing to the CABTE weblogs.  If you follow them step by step, you will be linked to our developing dialogue.

  1. Go to the CCTE website (
  2. Once on the CCTE website, scroll to the middle, right side of the page, find the section titled “Organizations.”  Select the CABTE link.
  3. Once on the CABTE webpage, look to the top, right side of the page and go to the section titled “Follow Blog via Email.”  Type your email address in the text box and press the box titled “Follow.”
  4. You have now registered to the CABTE weblog and you will be receiving the CABTE weblog directly to your email.

We hope that you will choose to follow the CABTE weblog via email and will still read our weblogs by going directly to our CABTE website at any time.

Let us know if you have any suggestions regarding our efforts to serve the needs of Bilingual Teacher Educators.


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